• Smartpick SDK

    Implement Augmented Reality Logistics Workflows on Hands - Free devices : Smart Glasses, Wrist Tablets, Projectors ...

  • Visual Hands Free Logistics

    Build fast, with BPMN, workflows for your logistics co-workers

    Why Hands-Free ?

    Increase Efficiency and Quality

    Working with your hands free in a logistics environment will improve efficiency. No more need to carry paper or hand scanners

    Visual support enhances the quality with a low learning curve.

    Your operators are up to speed in a short time

    BPMN Business Flows

    Design your optimized workflow

    Design and improve the workflow for your logistics co-workers with a WYSIWYG BPMN Editor and implement the business logic in reusable BPMN Business tasks.

    Connect to any back-end system (WMS, TMS, ERP...)

    Integration with any back-end system

    Send and retrieve data from any back-end system and any data source. The Smartpick data connector can even integrate existing Telnet/Putty solutions.

    Augmented Reality on hands-free devices

    TILES App

    The TILES app runs on any Android device and is the interaction part with the end-user. The Flow Engine is device agnostic. The TILES app visualizes the processed information coming from the Flow Engine, adapted to the properties of the device. We support Projection Systems, Tablets, Wrist Computers, Smart Glasses and Smart Watches.

    Agile Development

    Designed for Business & IT Fusion

    The layered architecture, BPMN based business flows and the clear separation between front-end business logic, back-end data and user interaction is the ideal environment for fast, iterative agile development

  • Smartpick SDK Benefits

    Continuously improve the operational workflows for your logistics co-workers

    Data Connector

    From Telnet to REST

    Reuse your investment.

    Integrates data from different existing data sources into one environment. Our unique screen-scraping technology can integrate existing Telnet (screen) based applications without any changes on the back-end

    Flow Engine

    BPMN Based Flows

    Most business flows in back-end systems are not optimized for the work on the floor. The Flow Engine is designed for the execution of optimized co-worker workflows.

    The Flow Engine is 'device agnostics' and sends commands to the TILES App installed on a device

    TILES App

    Optimized for your devices

    The TILES App is 'device aware'. Commands from the Flow Engine are presented to the co-worker depending on the characteristics of the device.

    It is possible to switch from one device type to another at any moment, without impact on the business flow.

  • How It Works ?

    Start Developing now


    Integrate backend

    Integrate with the Data connector your back-end data.


    Configure the TILES

    Configure the look and feel of your devices


    Design Workflow

    Create the BPMN Workflow diagram and build the associated business tasks


    Deploy and use

    Deploy the business flows on the devices and put them in use



    Improve your process, redesign the work flow and redeploy again

  • Use Cases

    Hands - Free picking and sorting with multiple devices

    Sorting guided by projectors

    Augmented Reality with Smart Glasses

  • Smartpick SDK Features

    Agile Development & Iterative Deployment of Logistics Processes

    Flexible Business Flow Engine

    Agile build & deploy

    It all starts with the design of a business flow with a BPMN/DMN Designer. The business flows are loaded into the Flow Engine and linked to Java Business Objects.
    The Business Flow Engine supports BPMN 2.0 notation. Changes can be done on the fly, without the need to redevelop business logic.


    Server Side Screen Scraping

    Unleash your legacy applications

    You can leverage existing (legacy) systems with our unique screen scraping technology. Integrate your Putty/Telnet screens in new business flows and deploy them on Android devices, without any change on the back-end systems


    Customized Data Connectors

    Exchange data from any system

    Most of the WMS/ERP system offers standard API's for integration and we will release more and more standard Data Connectors. But very often, WMS/ERP systems are tailored for your needs. Therefore we can implement customized Data Connector.


    Multi-Device Support

    Interact with any Android Device

    The Flow Engine handles all the front-end business logic and sends/receives information from the Operators/End Users. The Flow Engine is 'device agnostic', it just sends commands to registered devices without knowing what type of device it is. The TILES app on the Android device is device aware. It runs on any Android device and adapts the UIX (User Interface and Experience) for the different types of devices.


    Optimized UIX

    For the user on the work floor

    The TILES app contains a complete set of pre-build UIX elements, optimized to support the operator during the execution of logistics processes. It has special 'Scan tiles' to use the camera facility of the Android Device or 'Input tiles' that supports hands-free scanners. An 'Augmented Reality Tile' can enhance the User Experience even more.


    Scalable & Mission Critical

    From 1 to 10.000 users

    The layered architecture of SmartPick based on Industry standards is highly scalable and support highly availablity. It can run on a single, small server and you can scale it to multiple servers with redundancy & failover.


  • TILES: The app on your Android devices

    TILES app is the interaction between the business flows and the operator

    Multi Device

    Android 6.0 and higher

    Runs on any Android device, Android 6.0 and higher.

    Supports: Smart Glasses (Vuzix, Iristick, Google Glass, ...), Tablets, Rugged Phones, Android Things devices (for Projectors or Large Displays) etc...

    Device Aware

    Adapts itself to the device specific characteristics

    TILES app is aware of the characteristics of each device. Hands-free devices do not have a keyboard. Some devices have special Barcode readers embedded, other devices uses special designed voice engines.

    Business Flow agnostic

    TILES app works in slave mode

    The TILES app receives commands from the Business Flow Engine and executes those commands within the possibilities & boundaries of the device. It also returns the results of an interaction with the operator.

    The same app can handle different logistics business flows on demand.

    Designed for Logistics Processes

    Designed for performance

    Speed & simplicity is key in the execution of logistics processes. The UIX is therefore very simple and clear. TILES app supports multiple languages, uses visual signs and has speech support (the operator can hear and see what he has to do).

    Pre-defined and configurable TILES

    Basic building blocks

    A TILE is an UIX element and a screen of a device is build with a combination of TILES. The Business Flow engine decides what type of TILES is needed. The TILES App knows how to present the TILES. The TILES app has a predefined set of different TILES, like: Tabbed Text Tile, Camera Scan Tile, Scanner Scan Tile, Augmented Reality Tile, Error Tile, Action Tile, Text Tile, HTML tile, Rows Tile etc...

    The look & feel of those tiles are configurable in device specific Templates

  • Vuzix M300 & Vuzix M300XL

    • Native Camera Scanner module
    • Integrated Voice Recognition
    • www.vuzix.com

    Iristick Z1

    • Integration of the Scan/Zoom module for fast scanning of barcodes
    • Voice recognition integration
    • www.iristick.com

    Projectors (Short and Long Range)

    • Display information on wall/ground for operators
    • Integrated with fixed or ring scanners for data entry
    • Ideal for sorting operations

    Hands free Android Devices

    • Tablets (mounted on forklifts)
    • Wrist Tablets
    • Integrated with Ringscanners or fixed scanners

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